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Introduce the Blue sunrise in the Koreana Hotel.

It is a place of meeting where you can enjoy the luxurious interior, sentimental music,
and refined lighting in the comfortable atmosphere. 쏱repared Blue Sunrise for the successful business


  • Location : 2nd floor of Koreana Hotel
  • Reservation : 02) 2171-7830(7771)


  • Summer Special Menu

    2018.06.13 ~ 2018.08.30

  • 以묒떇떦 룊씪뀅듅꽑

    2018.06.01 ~ 2018.09.30

  • World Beer 꽭怨꾨㎘二 Ev..


  • 2F DAILY MENU 떎돱釉


  • Blue Sunrise Whisk..



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