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You can check various facilities of Koreana Hotel.

  • Club Lounge

    Comfortable with a relaxed, comfortable haven for business men.

    • location 21th floor
    • Free breakfast 07:00 節 10:00
    • Happy Hour 18:00 節 20:30
    • Service 07:00 節 22:00 (FreeBar and Snack, Tea, Coffee, Soft drink)
    • Use of 2 hours free room within the lounge
    • Daily placement of newspapers and magazines
  • Club Meeting Room

    Offers sophisticated, cozy places and services for successful business

    • location 21th floor
    • Operation hours 07:00~22:00
    • Daily placement of newspapers and magazines
  • Fitness club of Koreana Hotel

    This fitness club is equipped with up-to-date fitnessequipment including the treadmill and provides all kinds of programs for the stamina increase while you are staying

    • location 23th floor
    • Operation hours 06:00~22:30
    • Restricted admission No restriction
  • Business center of Koreana Hotel

    Business Center on the 2nd floor of Koreana hotel enables you to carry out simple office work like the internet search, paperwork, printing, and fax transmission.

    • location 2nd floor
    • Operation hours 06:00~22:30
    • Restricted admission No restriction


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Essential items Purpose of the collection and use
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Trustee Consignment work
Koreana Hotel Co., Ltd. Treatment and use of computing information
SureM Co., Ltd. Management of text message sending program
Gonggamsoft Co., Ltd. Operation and management of homepage

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